Saturday, April 23, 2011


Working on our jungle guides.

Jungle Jumble
The children practiced subtraction by taking animals away in the jungle.

Spotty Addition
The student spins the spinner and counts out that many 2-sided counters.  The student tosses the counters and records the answer.


Making jaguars for our jungle.

To review fractions we folded a coffee filter in half, then fourths, and finally eighths.  We dipped the pointed end in blue liquid water color and the other end in black liquid water color.

This is what it looks like when it's dry.  We scrunched up the middle then added a pipe cleaner for the body. It's a Morpho butterfly!

Can you see three fluttering in the tree?
 Here's a butterfly pocket chart for shared reading.  The children will take turns creating a pattern.  If you notice there are several ways to interpret the butterfly pattern on the pocket chart.  It can be read as an ABC pattern if you are looking at the colors.  It can be read as an AAB pattern if you are looking at the design on the wings.  It can be read as an ABB pattern if you look at the butterfly's actions - resting or flying. 

This is another pocket chart we are reading at shared reading time.  As we learn about the animals in the rain forest we will add the animals to the pocket chart.  We will then take a picture with our camera and illustrate the photo.  We are reviewing nouns, adjectives and verbs with this activity.

This is what the camera looks like.


Here's some samples of our illustrated photographs and writings.

Here's one of the student's poison dart frogs. After the students made their dart frog they picked a domino and created a subtraction problem using the dots.

Here we are cruising the Amazon!


  1. Love your Jungle Guides. Would you be willing to share a template?

  2. Sure! I'll put the directions together and scan the patterns. Please be patient as I figure out the best way to explain.

    Thanks for hopping by!

  3. So cute!! I'd love the jungle guide patterns too. Thanks in advance.

  4. Hoping to post a few more jungle things Monday evening.