Saturday, April 23, 2011


The students decorate their egg carton for the egg hunt.  Each child finds a dozen eggs.  We discuss that a dozen equals twelve.  I've been doing egg hunts like this for years.  It eliminates the drama of some finding more than others; everyone finds fair shares.  When each child finds their dozen he or she can help their friends find eggs or sit down and see what is in their eggs.


Bunny Card
The students created bunny cards using an egg shape pattern.  They decorated with colored paper scraps and wrote Hoppy Easter inside.

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We dyed Easter eggs!

Each child decorated 2 eggs with crayons before putting the egg in the dye.

This little bunny is hard at work adding a design to her egg.

Jelly Bean Math
The students sorted, tallied, graphed, added, and subtracted using Skittles jelly beans.

Each child had a container of jelly beans with their initials on the lid.

I make these cute little bunny cupcakes every year for our Easter Party.

I like to give my little bunnies these crunchy carrots as a party gift.  Who doesn't like cheese puffs?!

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