Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Here are few freebies I used for my Bear-y Fun Unit and a link to my TeachersNotebook store.


I didn't create this... please let me know if this is yours.  
We tasted and graphed jams after reading Jamberry by Bruce Deagan.

This can be used to make patterns using any small manipulatives!  
We used fish crackers and teddy grahams.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


After learning about bears all week, 
the students invited a guest to spend Friday afternoon 
participating in lots of
BEAR-Y FUN Activities!
After reading Jamberry by Bruce Degan, the students and their guests tasted 3 types of jams.
Here's a student with her mom graphing their favorite jam.
A parent and child working together to measure a furry friend.

The students recorded their furry friend's measurements.
Working on patterns using teddy grahams and fish crackers.

It's always fun using food for manipulatives!
Playing Brown Bear Spin and Graph.

Figuring out fair shares for the bears.

The students recorded the the bears' shares by figuring out if the number was even or odd.


We spent this past week learning about all kinds of bears.  Here are some bear-y favorite activities.
Each student made this adorable bear hat for our BEAR-Y FUN DAY on Friday.  It's made with circles!

We sorted and tallied gummi bears.

We graphed gummi bears.

We practiced counting tallies with the Teddy Tally game.

We made a symmetrical pattern necklace using cereal.

We sponge painted Corduroy.  Each child wrote about where Corduroy found his button.

We sequenced the animals from the Brown Bear story.

We read, Time to Sleep, a book about hibernating animals.  Then we sorted animals.
Each student picked a hibernating animal to draw and write about.
We stamped the ending sounds!

We are experimenting with gummi bears!

In the Writing Center the students could draw a teddy bear and write about their teddy.

The students went on a word hunt!
We tasted and graphed if we liked honey.

We made bear biscuits and ate the biscuits with honey.

We compared fiction and non-fiction bears.

We will add this poem to our P.I.G. (Poetry Is Great!) Books.

I created a student version of the Brown Bear book.  We used the Sounds Chart from Heidi Songs to find sounds in words to  help us read the book.  This has been a great resource for reading and writing in our classroom!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I was featured on Friday Freebies!

I am so excited to have been featured on Teaching Blog Addict's Friday Freebies.  Vintage Teacher was kind enough to feature me as one of her freebie picks!  Hop on over and visit!

Freebie Fridays

Saturday, September 17, 2011


We have been learning about FALL!  We focused on the colors of fall, leaves, and squirrels.  Look at all the FALL FUN we had!
We marble painted leaves.

The leaves were added to our tree.  Too cute!
Leaves Pocket Chart used for talking about fall colors, leaf shapes, and rhyming words.

The students cut leaf shapes to make a leaf mobile.
We labeled a leaf!

This is our Celery Experiment to observe how veins work in plants.

We recorded our BEFORE results and will record our AFTER results on Monday.
After reading about squirrels, the students read phrases (with a little help) to create this circle map.

A cute idea that goes along with the book, Nuts to You! by Lois Elhert is making a class book.

The students make tree bark rubbings for the book page.  Then I take a picture of each student getting ready to eat a nut.  This picture goes in the hole of the tree.  Finally each student writes the sentence, Nuts to their name!  Adorable!
Here's another pocket chart.  We are working on recognizing color words.
Graphing Fall Colors  - The students grab a handful of red, yellow, orange, and brown unifix cubes then graph and record their results.

Five Frame Leaf Counting - The students practiced counting on from five and recorded their results.

Roll, Read and Color - The students used a die to roll a number, then found the number word on a leaf and colored it using a fall color.
Visit my TeachersNotebook Store to view my FALL FUN UNIT!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Chicka, Chicka Names

Here are a few activities the students enjoyed.
Chicka Chicka phoneme substitution activity.
We added this to our P.I.G. Books

The students discovered how many claps are in their name.

The students sorted letters, words, and sentences.

The students painted a Chicka, Chicka tree using pictorial directions.  Then the students counted the letters in their first and last names.  Finally the students added an AABB border pattern.

We made Chicka, Chicka Name Trees.  The Chicka tree pattern is from Making Learning Fun.

The students colored the vowels and consonants in their name.

This is the Chicka, Chicka Tree we made!  Delicious! This idea came from Making Learning Fun!
A few more freebies!

The students grab a handful of letter tiles and sort!

 This is a strip book.  This great idea came from 
Kindergarten Crayons.

For more great Chicka Chicka ideas -