Saturday, April 23, 2011


Beautiful Butterflies

This game involves 2 spinners.  One to determine the color and one to determine how many. The students always like a game even more when food is involved so I chose fruit loops.  The children were really excited about the 2 spinners.  Some of them even tried to make their butterfly symmetrical.


Froggy Fractions
I created this game to review fractions and to go along with our rainforest unit.  The student spins the spinner and colors that fraction on a frog.  The game is over when all froggy fractions are colored.  The children had to say the fraction the spinner landed on.  One child kept saying "seconds" for one half...too cute, but had to be corrected of course :)

Ladybug, Ladybug
The object of the game is to get home.  The student picks a card and counts the dots on the ladybug and moves to the ladybug with that many spots.  There is a ladybug on a leaf card that helps you move forward, but watch out for the fly away ladybug card.  That card sends you back to start :(


  1. I didn't create the ladybug is from a commercial source so I can't post it as a download.
    Thanks for hopping by!

  2. All I can say, is Wow! Can Eli come back again next year?!!! You are terrific and I know that you and the kids are having FUN learning so much!!
    I can't get over how fabulously the children are writing. Just an inspiration! Thanks for sharing and doing so much. Dale