Sunday, April 17, 2011


Once a week I try to have game day.  The class works in small groups to play games that reinforce concepts and skills we are working on.  It also allows the students to practice waiting their turn, problem solving, and working together.

We are practicing fractions with the Build a Pizza game.


This game was challenging because the coins were not the correct size.  The students really needed to look closely at the coins on their game board to  know where to place it.  Also, each board had varying amounts and types of coins. This provided opportunities to be a helper, not a teller - a skill we continue to practice.

I like this Treasure Hunt game because you can easily vary the concepts and skills.  We've played this game before, but this time the children only had nickels and not enough to fill the game board so sometimes you didn't get a treasure.  At the end of the game the students practiced counting by fives to see how much treasure they collected.

TEACHERS - Send me a comment if these downloads are something you can use in your classroom.  I don't mind sharing, but would like some feedback.  
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  1. Awesome activities! Thanks for sharing all your fun activities and worksheets:)