Saturday, April 23, 2011

P.I.G. (Poetry Is Great) Book Additions

The students found 3 V's. I had them make 3 groups of 3 and add the groups.
 This was a pocket chart poem we read at shared reading time.  We then added the poem to our P.I.G. Books.  After this student wrote what hatched from her eggs, she illustrated the poem and wrote about it.

 Four Z's were found in this poem.  Since we've been learning about fractions I asked the students to draw a circle, a square, and a rectangle.  I wanted them to divide the shapes into 4 equal pieces and color 1/4 of each shape.

 The children found 17 y's in the Yo-Yo poem.  I asked them how many tens and ones were in the number 17.  They tallied the results.  This was a review for place value and tally marks.
For The Queen poem the students found 2 Q's.  I asked them to write by 2's beginning at number 50 and write as high as they could or until they ran out of space.

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