Sunday, April 17, 2011


Our caterpillars arrived!  We hope to see the amazing process from caterpillar to butterfly before the end of school.
 Since we will be observing this metamorphosis, we also discussed the life cycle of other insects.  See below.

We used these life cycle models to 
record our own life cycle flow map.
I forgot to take pictures, but here's the recording sheet.

The children made 3-D insects after learning that all insects have 3 body parts - head, thorax, abdomen.

Here are our insects flying or crawling around in our flower garden.

Each child had to write a report about their 3-D insect.
Here's the download.

The student used skittles to make addition and subtraction number sentences.  The number sentence circled is the one the student illustrated.  Each student was given a different amount of skittles to work with.

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