Sunday, January 29, 2012


On Friday, we celebrated 100 DAYS OF SCHOOL!
We counted 100 fruit loops for our 100 DAY BREAKFAST!  We colored our numbers to match the amount on our string each day.  We discovered it took us 10 days to get to 100.
Eating 100 pieces of cereal!  Our laminating machine is broken so we couldn't use our 100 Day placemats :-(
Zero the Hero brought us a surprise!
It was a cookie cake with 100 M&M's!
Zero the Hero brought us gumballs, too!  We will estimate and count the gumballs.  How long will this take?!
This is the last page to our Zero the Hero book.
Look at our 100 Day Bottle Collection!  We had some interesting things collected.  Someone brought 100 wiggly worms!
Each student invited a guest to join us for some 100 day fun in the afternoon.  Here is the checklist of Zero the Hero stations.
The students had to turn the number 100 into something.

The students stamped 10 picture stamps to 10 strips of paper, then glued the strips to a sentence strip to make a HOORAY FOR 100 hat.
The students made the book cover for their Zero the Hero book.
They played Spin It to Win It!  This game can be found at Wild About K Kids.
Students practiced skip counting by 10's while punching the balloon. FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
The students learned many ways to write 100.
The students could help put together a 100 piece puzzle.  This station was completed early.  Apparently, I have lots of parents who love to do puzzles!  Some of the froggy friends were disappointed about not having a chance to help with the puzzle, but I told them we will do again next week - just the froggy friends :-)
Working on the 100 Day Hat.

Writing 100 around the world!

Playing Spin It to Win It!

Some parents having fun putting the puzzle together.

Working on the 100 Grid Mystery Picture.  I forgot to take a picture of this station completed :-(

My 100 is...

As you can see, we had a wonderful, busy day celebrating the 100 way.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Even though it doesn't snow where we live, we celebrated a SNOW MUCH FUN DAY!

Here we are ice skating!  The children had fun skating to fast/slow and stop/go music. As the children got used to skating I asked them to skate backwards, sideways, etc.

Here are the students throwing snowballs at each other.  The snowballs were flying so fast!

Here's our snowball box!

Lots of snowballs!

The students each wrote 4 popcorn words on scrap paper for the snowball fight.  After the snowball fight the students drank hot chocolate and read the popcorn words written on the snowballs.  What a fun way to read and review!


Here's a preview of some activities in my SNOW MUCH FUN UNIT.

Using a document camera, the form is projected and together we write the steps to building a snowman using strategies and resources - stretchy snake, sounds chart, etc.

The students spin a picture spinner, listen for the beginning blend and stamp the correct snowflake.  They have to pay attention as one snowflake does not get stamped.

The students pick a card and write the word on a snowball under the correct word family.

There are a total of 5 spinners.  The student gets some snow dough, spins the spinners and builds a snowman according to the directions on the spinners.

Students pick 3 cards of the same color and put the words in ABC order.

The students spin the spinner and colors the correct amount of mittens counting by 2's.

The student picks a number card, counts out the marshmallows, and divides the marshmallows between the 4 mugs.  Is the number even or odd?

The students play I spy around the room reading the analog time and writing the digital time on their recording sheet.

The students pick a mitten card, count each mitten color to write an addition sentence.

This is the recording sheet for Melt the Snowflakes.  The student picks a snowflake card, rolls a die and covers the correct amount of snowflakes.  Then the student writes a subtraction sentence to match the results.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


The class just celebrated DONUTS WITH DAD on Friday.
We set the tables for our special event.

Close up of a placemat.  Couldn't get the picture to rotate :(

Book covers for our Dad Books.  The book came from Making Learning Fun.
Each child and dad played Making Words with FATHER.  Grab your freebie below!