Saturday, May 7, 2011


The students answered the question of the day.

Then they read and recorded the class results.   Everyone did an amazing job!

Here's a download for RAINFOREST Write the Room


We've been reviewing skills and concepts for the last couple of weeks.  Here's how we are reviewing addition and subtraction using a number line.  I bought these dry erase addition and subtraction place mats from the dollar bin at Target.  I love that they can be used over and over again!


The class did a directed drawing of the flowers in a vase.  These students are tracing over their pencil drawing with a permanent marker.

I forgot to rotate the picture, but the students colored their flowers before painting with a watercolor wash.

Here are the wonderful paintings hanging up as decorations for the Mother's Day Spa.

Each student measures ingredients to make bubble bath for mom.  Here is a student measuring water.

Next we measure shampoo for our bubble bath mixture.

 We make bath beads, too.  This is how we package our gift.  The gift goes along with our Mother's Day Spa, but I also read the book, Five Minute Peace by Jill Murphy.  It's about an elephant mom with 3 children who just wants to soak in the tub for five minutes of peace.  The card say the child will give their mom five minutes peace.

The students make a Magnolia corsage for their moms to wear at the Mother's Day Spa.

We also make relaxation masks to wear during the spa.

Here is a FOREVER BOUQUET made from the children's hands.  The children recite a poem and present these keepsakes to their mom.

The event would not be complete without a book.  Each child completes this book to read to their mom.  This cute book can be downloaded from Making Learning Fun.

Here is a card that the blue group used to follow the sequence of events for the Mother's Day Spa.  Each group had a different color card with a different sequence so all stations were being used and were not overcrowded.

Here's a student giving his mom a manicure at the Nail Care Station.

What a gorgeous hairstyle!  This was done at the Hair Care Station.

Isn't this nice?  This student is giving his mom a massage at the Relaxation Station.

We wrote about the Mother's Day Spa!

GBM Visits Brazil!

The GBM is in Brazi!  We learned about the Amazon Rain Forest, we made masks for carnival, and made a rain stick.

View our carnival parade!

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I saw this adorable idea from Mrs. Morrow's Kindergarten Class and adapted it for use in my class.  We've been practicing all year learning 100 POPCORN WORDS to become a Popcorn Words Pro.

I am happy to report that all of the class earned this prestigious certificate!  


We have butterflies! The class was so excited to discover the butterflies on Monday morning.  Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the miraculous event :(

We brought our painted lady butterflies outside and set them free.  The children loved seeing them flutter their wings and fly away.  This one stayed a little longer with us as it had a damaged wing.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Just wanted to share this cute picture of some froggy friends finding things in our morning message.  What I mean by things is finding sounds from our sound chart, finding blends and diagraphs, etc. I love that they love learning!

Here's a little review challenge the students did this week.  I had them write their Zz, Yy, Xx's so they could go to Texas!


Zero the Hero continues to visit.  On day 150 he brought us a 100 piece froggy puzzle.

Zero the Hero brought something round like a zero for day 160 - GUMBALLS!  We will estimate how many we think are in the container and then put the gumballs in groups of ten to count.  Everyone will get to bring home their FAIR SHARE when all our counting is complete.

Calendar Math Additions for April

We estimated chicks for April's Estimation Station

This month's 100 grid mystery picture was an ice cream cone.
 We continued practicing analog and digital time. Towards the end of the month I just moved the minute hand in 5 minute increments to see if the anyone would notice.  Finally, one morning a student realized and said, "Mrs. LeBlanc, you're moving the hand around the clock 5 minutes at a time!"
This month for the date in money the students had to record the amount in the piggy bank and count the money on their own with out any prompts.  I am proud to say that everyone did really well with this skill.


Sneaky Snakes
We practiced working with silent "e" The students picked a snake, recorded the color, wrote the word and then added silent "e" to make a new word.
Marvelous Measuring
The students chose a small, medium, or large snake to measure using non-standard and standard units of measurement.

 Here are some snakes the children made.  They had to trace 5 ovals of one color and 5 ovals of another color.  They glued the ovals together, added eyes and a tongue.  The children completed sentences describing their snake and writing what their snake ate. Then we hung the snakes on our vines.

We read about toucans.  Here is a student measuring a colored stripe for the beak.

This is what the toucan looks like when finished.

We created a toucan tree map using facts we learned from our readings.  


The class then chose three facts to write about using the tree map as a resource.

The students practiced writing teen numbers and tallying teen numbers with this Toucan Tally math activity. 


Look at our crocodiles!  
Aren't they cute?!

The students had to write what their crocodile ate for lunch.

The class practiced their blends and diagraphs with this Crocodile Crunch  activity.

The students took turns picking a card from the box, reading the fact, and placing it where it belongs on the venn diagram.
When used the venn diagram as a resource to write a fact about a crocodile, a fact about an alligator and then wrote about what they both had in common.

There are many monkeys in the rain forest, but we made the Orange Lion Tamarin.  The children made a vine for their monkey to swing from using a brown lunch bag and leaves cut from green construction paper.