Saturday, May 4, 2013


Here's what we've been doing this past month!
We've been sequencing lots of stories.  Eric Carle stories work so great for this concept.

Every year I do this project with my class.  We discuss the life cycle of a plant and what a plant needs to grow.  The students write the steps to planting a seed and then follow their directions to plant their Hairy Heads.  After the seeds sprout and grow the students can cut its hair or style it.

The Gingerbread Man traveled to England.  We read and talked about royalty.  The students wrote proclamations which were read on KING & QUEEN DAY.
After learning about bugs and insects, the students used model magic dough to create a bug.  Each child wrote a bug report about their creation.
We observed the life cycle of painted lady butterflies. Here we are releasing them.  This butterfly didn't want to fly away!

Daisy the cow helped us learn about the milking process and why milk is healthy.
The Gingerbread Man is now in Brazil.  We are studying the plants and animals of the Amazon Rainforest.

After reading books about rainforest animals, the students create maps.
The maps help the students write facts about each animal.
Another sequential activity is writing recipes for our classroom cooking projects.  The children LOVED making and eating the ants.  Absolutely appetizing!!!!