Sunday, April 3, 2011

P.I.G. (Poetry Is Great) Book Additions

The students always add the month poems at the end of the month because I want them to write about what we learned or did during that particular month.

The children had to add an adjective and a noun in the blank space to complete the poem.


  1. Where do you find these cute poems? Do you have them on your blog somewhere?
    I love your idea of combining a math idea after highlighting the letters in the poems.
    Thanks for the great ideas.

  2. The alphabet poems I use a math component with are from The other poems I use have been collected over the years. I sing lots of songs in my class so some of the poems can be sung too. This is my second year using the P.I.G. Book and it has been a wonderful tool for sight words practice, reading fluency, writing, and math concepts.

    Thanks for hopping by!

  3. I love your ideas!!! Thanks for making this wonderful blog. Im going to have to research it more in depth over summer vacation and start planning for next year!!