Saturday, June 18, 2011


First of all - THANK YOU, Fran for a wonderful post.  Be sure to hop on over and check out her awesome ideas and freebies.  Don't forget to check out others who linked up at her blog for more great posts.

One activity my students enjoy is Egg Carton Spin & Count Game.  I put a green sticker in the top left egg cup so the children know where to begin.  I use both the 12 and 18 count cartons.  To keep the student's interest just change the objects used for counting.  I like to use commercial items and seasonal items.  Also, for another change I'll introduce 2 ways to win.   The first way is by filling up the carton and the second way is emptying the carton.  The children never tire of playing this counting game. 

Below are some spinners and math talk cards to use for 
Egg Carton Spin & Count.

Here's two versions of a number writing game using two-sided counters to help with number writing practice.  It's called Red Hot Dots.

Check out  Math Their Way for some more 
great ideas and blackline masters.


  1. Thanks for the idea. I purchased ice cube trays a LONG time ago. This would be a perfect use. :)

  2. Dear Karen,
    These ideas are so perfect for kindergarten and I really love them. I swear we all go back to Math Their Way or Box It and Bag It for fundamental ideas that are developmentally appropriate- right? Kids love spinners and this is cuter than what I do! I am so happy you shared these and I hope others check them out.

  3. thank you SO much for the link to Math their Way link to the blackline masters! I have been going batty this school year wondering why no one at my school has them and they've been online all this time. :)