Friday, June 3, 2011

GBM Visits Mexico!

The GBM brought two books to share with the class.  This book showed us how to make a pinata.  The GBM also included materials so the class could make a pinata.  See pictures below.

We also enjoyed this version of The Three Little Pigs

We made fiesta banners!
This was a great way to to review fractions.  The children folded the paper in fourths or eighths and cut out different shaped pieces.  They absolutely loved opening up their banners to see their creations.

Each child made a worry doll using a clothespin and colorful yarn.  Then a face was added.  You tell your worries to the doll and then put it under your pillow.


Here's the punching balloon, the newspaper strips, and paste.  We are ready to begin our pinata project.

We took turns adding the strips of newspaper covered with paste to the balloon.  These 2 boys are working on the first layer.  We put 3 layers on the balloon.  It was messy, but fun! 

We have 3 layers and now we are waiting for the pinata to dry.

I divided the pinata into 16 sections so each student could have a chance to paint the pinata.

Here is our pinata - of course it's a frog!!!  It's too cute to bust. 

BUSTED, but still cute!  We collected the candy and divided it so everyone got fair shares.