Thursday, June 16, 2011

 I just saw a post for highlighter pointers from Always First Grade -  cute idea!  But, look what I found from Hobby Lobby's clearance aisle - they are stirring sticks for drinks!!!

BUT that's not all!  When cleaning up at home I came across these!  JACKPOT!!!!

I can't wait for my froggy friends to use these for reading next year!!!


  1. I went straight to Hobby Lobby when I read your post, and I bought myself some stirrers! Thanks for the advice - I would have never thought of this idea!

  2. hahahha perfect!! I love finding treasures in my home!

    Miss Kindergarten

  3. Someone, and unfortunately I can't remember who, gave me the idea to get chopsticks, dip the top half in glue and roll in glitter. You can even let the children do this for an art project, then they each have their own pointer. You can even ask at your favorite asian restaurant sometimes they will donate them if they know they;re for a school! My kids loved making and using them!!

  4. Great idea! I just happen to have a bunch of chopsticks that I was saving. Thanks for sharing!