Friday, June 3, 2011

Good-bye Zero the Hero and the Great Puzzle Challenge

We said good-bye to Zero the Hero :(   Here are some of the students unrolling their Zero the Hero number scrolls to see how long it has become.  Each time Zero the Hero came to visit, the children wrote the next sequence of numbers to add to their scrolls.  It was fun for the children to see how their scrolls were getting longer and longer as we counted along with Zero the Hero this year.  What a great way to practice number writing, understanding number patterns, measuring, place value, and so much more!

 Zero the Hero brought three 100 piece puzzles on his last visit of the year.  He challenged the class to participate in the GREAT PUZZLE CHALLENGE!!!  Here's the blue table working on their puzzle.


Here's the yellow table working on their puzzle.

Here's the red table hard at work.


Here are the completed puzzles!  
Great job Froggy Friends!!!

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