Saturday, September 3, 2011


At the beginning of the year the students make a a suitcase and passport so they can be ready to travel with the GBM.  Here's what we do and need to prepare.
I read this version of the GBM because instead of the fox eating him at the end, he runs away.  We find this note at the end of the book and this is how our journey begins.

We sing about the continents with the help of Dr. Jean.

Here's our big globe we use when singing.  We will label the countries on the globe as we travel with the GBM.

Here are some more maps.  These maps are attached to the ceiling above our pond (meeting place) so we can refer to them when we talk about where the GBM is visiting and find his location.

We read this book to help us understand the importance of maps.

Each student makes a suitcase to hold their travel journal, passport, and flags from all the countries the GBM will visit.

Travel Journal and Passport

Here's a picture of our Geography Center.


  1. love it. Who is the author of this amazing gingerbread man book you have?

  2. Hi Chris!

    I picked up this book at a local Winn Dixie a couple of years ago. It's published by PC Treasures Multimedia Entertainment. The story was adapted by Larry Carney. I hope this helps. Thanks for hopping by!