Saturday, September 17, 2011


We have been learning about FALL!  We focused on the colors of fall, leaves, and squirrels.  Look at all the FALL FUN we had!
We marble painted leaves.

The leaves were added to our tree.  Too cute!
Leaves Pocket Chart used for talking about fall colors, leaf shapes, and rhyming words.

The students cut leaf shapes to make a leaf mobile.
We labeled a leaf!

This is our Celery Experiment to observe how veins work in plants.

We recorded our BEFORE results and will record our AFTER results on Monday.
After reading about squirrels, the students read phrases (with a little help) to create this circle map.

A cute idea that goes along with the book, Nuts to You! by Lois Elhert is making a class book.

The students make tree bark rubbings for the book page.  Then I take a picture of each student getting ready to eat a nut.  This picture goes in the hole of the tree.  Finally each student writes the sentence, Nuts to their name!  Adorable!
Here's another pocket chart.  We are working on recognizing color words.
Graphing Fall Colors  - The students grab a handful of red, yellow, orange, and brown unifix cubes then graph and record their results.

Five Frame Leaf Counting - The students practiced counting on from five and recorded their results.

Roll, Read and Color - The students used a die to roll a number, then found the number word on a leaf and colored it using a fall color.
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  1. These are great! Would you be willing to share your printables?

    Cathy I.
    Mrs. I's Class

  2. Are these experiments in your science packet on TN?


  3. The science experiment plus several math and literacy activities are in my FALL FUN UNIT on Teachers Notebook. Thanks for hopping by!