Sunday, September 25, 2011


We spent this past week learning about all kinds of bears.  Here are some bear-y favorite activities.
Each student made this adorable bear hat for our BEAR-Y FUN DAY on Friday.  It's made with circles!

We sorted and tallied gummi bears.

We graphed gummi bears.

We practiced counting tallies with the Teddy Tally game.

We made a symmetrical pattern necklace using cereal.

We sponge painted Corduroy.  Each child wrote about where Corduroy found his button.

We sequenced the animals from the Brown Bear story.

We read, Time to Sleep, a book about hibernating animals.  Then we sorted animals.
Each student picked a hibernating animal to draw and write about.
We stamped the ending sounds!

We are experimenting with gummi bears!

In the Writing Center the students could draw a teddy bear and write about their teddy.

The students went on a word hunt!
We tasted and graphed if we liked honey.

We made bear biscuits and ate the biscuits with honey.

We compared fiction and non-fiction bears.

We will add this poem to our P.I.G. (Poetry Is Great!) Books.

I created a student version of the Brown Bear book.  We used the Sounds Chart from Heidi Songs to find sounds in words to  help us read the book.  This has been a great resource for reading and writing in our classroom!


  1. This looks great! Do you have the printables available? Thanks so much! Jessica

  2. Fun lessons for the kids. Do you have the worksheets available?

  3. Most of these activities are in my BEAR-Y FUN unit at my Teachers Notebook store. This is a fun unit for the students! Thanks for hopping by!