Sunday, September 4, 2011


We spend the first few weeks of school learning about frogs and playing some froggy learning games.  Look at some of the fun we had!
Froggy Happy Pocket Chart

Question of the Day - Do you like frogs?  The students place their name in the pocket chart so it is not showing (don't want the children to be influenced by their friends).  After everyone answers the question, we sit on the pond to discuss the results.

Sorting frogs on the lily pads by color.  Using large tweezers help to develop fine motor skills.

The frog life cycle model purchased from Hobby Lobby.

After reading non-fiction books and using the frog life cycle model, the children drew and labeled the flow chart representing the frog's life cycle.

The students painted a frog following step by step visual direction cards.  Each student wrote the sentence on a sentence strip to add to the painting.

We read lots of fiction and non-fiction books about frogs.  The students took turns picking cards and deciding if the card was a fiction or non-fiction trait of a frog.

Froggy Beginning Sounds Literacy Center Game

Rhyming Frogs Literacy Center Game

Left or Right Frogs Math Center Game
These games can be downloaded at my Teacher's Notebook Store.

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