Sunday, September 25, 2011


After learning about bears all week, 
the students invited a guest to spend Friday afternoon 
participating in lots of
BEAR-Y FUN Activities!
After reading Jamberry by Bruce Degan, the students and their guests tasted 3 types of jams.
Here's a student with her mom graphing their favorite jam.
A parent and child working together to measure a furry friend.

The students recorded their furry friend's measurements.
Working on patterns using teddy grahams and fish crackers.

It's always fun using food for manipulatives!
Playing Brown Bear Spin and Graph.

Figuring out fair shares for the bears.

The students recorded the the bears' shares by figuring out if the number was even or odd.


  1. What fun! Would you be willing to share your blacklines so that our students could do these activities?

  2. The kids LOVE doing these activities! My BEAR-Y FUN unit can be purchased at my Teachers Notebook store. Thanks for hopping by!