Friday, November 4, 2011

Whooooo Are You Looking At?

 Here are our completed model magic owls!
Too cute!


  1. I love all your ideas...especially the scarecrow/seed patterns and the painted owls. What is the pattern for the owls? It looks like an oval folded over, but I can't figure out the ears. share?

  2. The children flatten out a piece of model magic dough into a circle or oval shape. Cut string and have the child fold a piece of the dough over the string. Then pinch a piece of dough in the middle of the folded piece to make a beak. Use a marker top to make the eyes. Just press it into the dough. To make the feather tufts just pinch the dough around the string. Have the student press their thumb or finger in the dough to make indentations for feathers. Let dry and paint. Hope this makes sense! Thanks for hopping by!