Sunday, November 13, 2011

Native American Fun!

 Here are some pictures of students weaving mats.

The finished product!  We will use these mats for our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Feast.

Here are the mats displayed for the November Quilt.
Dream Catcher

We turned our Chicka Chicka tree into a totem pole!

We made growing symmetrical pattern necklaces and  headbands with patterns, too.  Each student is earning feathers like some Native American tribes.
Here are our pinch pots!  We'll add some symbols after they dry.
We painted shirts and will wear them at our feast.
We are learning how to play Stick Dice, a Native American game.
Each student chose a Native American name.  We will call each other by our Native American names until Thanksgiving.  Mine is Chief Big Foot and I am the leader of the Froggy Friends Tribe.

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