Sunday, November 13, 2011


Here are some activities the class will be participating in before our Thanksgiving Holidays.
Classroom pictures will be posted later.
These engaging activities are in my TURKEY TIME UNIT.

The students will add counters to the turkey feathers and then take away counters using spinners with the appropriate symbols.

We will discuss needs and wants and relate it to the pilgrims. 

After discussing the Mayflower voyage the students will label the parts of a ship.

The students will design a foil ship, then see how many passengers it will hold.

The students will find turkeys hidden around the room.  Once a turkey is found, the students will count the tallies and record their answer.

The students will sort adjectives and verbs then select 3 adjectives and 2 verbs to write a Turkey List Poem.

The students will practice counting on from a ten frame and record their answers.

The students will sort Thanksgiving words by clapping the syllables.

We will practice reading and sorting short /i/ word family words.

Here's the recording sheet for the activity below.

The students will pick a bag with words inside.  They have to read the words and look at the picture to build the sentence.