Saturday, November 5, 2011

Scarecrow Fun and Turkey Time!

Here's what we've been doing this week!
The students are spinning the spinner to create a seed pattern.

The students made a scarecrow and planted a pattern.

The students made a crow by tracing their foot and hands.

We made a class book!

We made long legged turkeys.

We made hand print turkeys and added a border pattern.

We planted pumpkin seeds!

We planted corn seeds!

We will observe and record our results.

We compared scarecrows and people.

We made scarecrow glyphs!

I made cute candy scarecrows to give the students.
Take a look at our TRICKY TURKEYS!
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  1. I really liked the candy scarecrows. I will put it on my list to make next year.

  2. Love your turkey activities. Will you be posting a Native American Unit?

  3. I would love to but I'm thinking about December units right now. Thanks for hopping by!

  4. What does your spinner say for the students to plant a pattern?

  5. Would you explain the spinner and planting a pattern activity?

    1. The spinner for planting a pattern has letters to start a pattern like AB, AAB, ABB, AABB, ABC. The students spin the spinner and use the seeds to plant the pattern. Hope this helps! Thanks for hopping by!