Saturday, May 7, 2011


The class did a directed drawing of the flowers in a vase.  These students are tracing over their pencil drawing with a permanent marker.

I forgot to rotate the picture, but the students colored their flowers before painting with a watercolor wash.

Here are the wonderful paintings hanging up as decorations for the Mother's Day Spa.

Each student measures ingredients to make bubble bath for mom.  Here is a student measuring water.

Next we measure shampoo for our bubble bath mixture.

 We make bath beads, too.  This is how we package our gift.  The gift goes along with our Mother's Day Spa, but I also read the book, Five Minute Peace by Jill Murphy.  It's about an elephant mom with 3 children who just wants to soak in the tub for five minutes of peace.  The card say the child will give their mom five minutes peace.

The students make a Magnolia corsage for their moms to wear at the Mother's Day Spa.

We also make relaxation masks to wear during the spa.

Here is a FOREVER BOUQUET made from the children's hands.  The children recite a poem and present these keepsakes to their mom.

The event would not be complete without a book.  Each child completes this book to read to their mom.  This cute book can be downloaded from Making Learning Fun.

Here is a card that the blue group used to follow the sequence of events for the Mother's Day Spa.  Each group had a different color card with a different sequence so all stations were being used and were not overcrowded.

Here's a student giving his mom a manicure at the Nail Care Station.

What a gorgeous hairstyle!  This was done at the Hair Care Station.

Isn't this nice?  This student is giving his mom a massage at the Relaxation Station.

We wrote about the Mother's Day Spa!

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