Sunday, May 1, 2011


Sneaky Snakes
We practiced working with silent "e" The students picked a snake, recorded the color, wrote the word and then added silent "e" to make a new word.
Marvelous Measuring
The students chose a small, medium, or large snake to measure using non-standard and standard units of measurement.

 Here are some snakes the children made.  They had to trace 5 ovals of one color and 5 ovals of another color.  They glued the ovals together, added eyes and a tongue.  The children completed sentences describing their snake and writing what their snake ate. Then we hung the snakes on our vines.

We read about toucans.  Here is a student measuring a colored stripe for the beak.

This is what the toucan looks like when finished.

We created a toucan tree map using facts we learned from our readings.  


The class then chose three facts to write about using the tree map as a resource.

The students practiced writing teen numbers and tallying teen numbers with this Toucan Tally math activity. 


Look at our crocodiles!  
Aren't they cute?!

The students had to write what their crocodile ate for lunch.

The class practiced their blends and diagraphs with this Crocodile Crunch  activity.

The students took turns picking a card from the box, reading the fact, and placing it where it belongs on the venn diagram.
When used the venn diagram as a resource to write a fact about a crocodile, a fact about an alligator and then wrote about what they both had in common.

There are many monkeys in the rain forest, but we made the Orange Lion Tamarin.  The children made a vine for their monkey to swing from using a brown lunch bag and leaves cut from green construction paper.




  1. I LOVE your crocodiles!!! Where did you find the pattern? Looks like your kids were having fun learning!! :o)


  2. The original idea came from Kim Jordano's Rain Forest book, but I tweaked it some for my kiddo's.

    Thanks for hopping by!

  3. Love your blog and all the great ideas, where can I find the print out for the frog tree map?

  4. I love your rain forest ideas. The toucan is my favorite!
    I'm your newest follower :)
    Just Add Clipart

  5. Thanks for your kind words. I'm hopping over to view your blog :)

  6. I know you posted the safari guide and frog patterns and said the alligator came from Kim Jordano. What about your center sheets and your graphic organizer words/sheets. Did you make these? Do you have a TPT or would you share them? I'm getting ready for the first 6 weeks of school and want to do a jungle theme.

  7. I just created a TPT account and will post my JUNGLE JAMBOREE unit as soon as I return from vacation! Yeah!!!