Friday, February 18, 2011

Dental Health

Painting Mr. Big Mouth!

The students made Mr. Big Mouth talk.
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The students sorted foods that make your teeth happy or sad.

Here's the model of Mr. Big Mouth.  The children can practice brushing his teeth.

We made apple smiles!

This is the result of our tooth experiment.  We soaked egg shells in soda.  This is what happens when sugar stays on your teeth. Yucky!


The students labeled the parts of a tooth.

I got this idea from another blog and designed my own.  Too cute!

After applying, the children drew what they would look like if they were the tooth fairy.

Check out some of the student's tooth experiment reports.

 The students played Mr. Big Mouth for game day!  The children collected teeth by picking cards telling them to add one, two, three, four, or five teeth.  If you pick a smile card, you get an extra turn.  If you pick a cavity card, you lose a turn.  You eat the teeth when your mouth is full.

 Below is the game board.  I can't find the game cards, but you could use a die to collect teeth (mini-marshmallows).  If a six is rolled, you lose a turn.
Mr. Big Mouth _color_

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