Tuesday, July 10, 2012


This week I'm hosting a Super Science Camp!
Take a look at what we are discovering!

Day 1

Experiment 1:  Lava Lamp
We discovered that water is heavier than oil.  Did you know oil and water don't mix?  The students put pieces of seltzer tablets in the tube.  Look what happened!

Experiment 2:  CHASE THE PEPPER
We discovered that water has surface tension.  
The students broke the water's surface with a drop of soap!

Experiment 3:  MUSICAL WATER
The students discovered that water can produce sounds.
We listened for high and low sounds!

Experiment 4:  TRAVELING WATER
We discovered that water sticks together. 
 It has adhesive and cohesive qualities.
You can't tell in this picture, but the water is traveling on a string.

Day 2
Matter has 3 forms - liquid, solid, and gas

Experiment 1:  MAGIC BALLOON
We discovered that vinegar (liquid) and baking soda (solid) makes a gas, carbon dioxide.

Experiment 2:  DANCING RAISINS
Did you know gas can lift objects?


Writing about it.

Experiment 3:  MONSTER MUD
It's a solid!  It's a liquid!  It's monster mud!!!
It feels hard when you poke it.

It drips like a liquid.

You can grab it like a solid.

Experiment 4:  BLOBBER
Did you know 2 liquids can make a solid?!  It's stretchy and bouncy!  
You can break it and even blow a bubble!!!

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