Sunday, January 8, 2012


Here are a few pictures of some of our New Year activities:
Blow painting fireworks.
The students glued the numbers of the new year on their fireworks picture.
Counting by 5's.

Here's the recording sheet.  Sorry about the photo :(
Each child contributed a resolution to our circle map.

Look at my class busy writing their new year resolution(s)!

An up close of a student's resolutions.
The girls!

The boys!
This student is working on the spell a word game.

Here's the recording sheet.

I asked this student to choose a word from the front and write a sentence on the back of her paper.  She wrote an asking sentence!

We were trying to freeze water.  It was cold enough, but the water didn't freeze.  One child said it was because the bowl was too close to the building.  We will try again!

A student tried the experiment at home and it worked!  Hooray!!!

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