Sunday, January 22, 2012


Here's a preview of some activities in my SNOW MUCH FUN UNIT.

Using a document camera, the form is projected and together we write the steps to building a snowman using strategies and resources - stretchy snake, sounds chart, etc.

The students spin a picture spinner, listen for the beginning blend and stamp the correct snowflake.  They have to pay attention as one snowflake does not get stamped.

The students pick a card and write the word on a snowball under the correct word family.

There are a total of 5 spinners.  The student gets some snow dough, spins the spinners and builds a snowman according to the directions on the spinners.

Students pick 3 cards of the same color and put the words in ABC order.

The students spin the spinner and colors the correct amount of mittens counting by 2's.

The student picks a number card, counts out the marshmallows, and divides the marshmallows between the 4 mugs.  Is the number even or odd?

The students play I spy around the room reading the analog time and writing the digital time on their recording sheet.

The students pick a mitten card, count each mitten color to write an addition sentence.

This is the recording sheet for Melt the Snowflakes.  The student picks a snowflake card, rolls a die and covers the correct amount of snowflakes.  Then the student writes a subtraction sentence to match the results.

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