Saturday, December 10, 2011


Look at our class Christmas tree!  We have bright colored flowers from India, tannebaums from Germany, gingerbread men ornaments from Germany, AAAB bead pattern wreaths, and AABB bead pattern candy canes.  We will add a Star of David ornament next week when the GBM visits Israel.

We used a crayon melter to decorate our gingerbread man ornaments.

This is our elf tree map.  We read some stories about elves and I typed up some cards.  The students picked a card and read the words to decide where to add the card on the tree map.  After all the cards were glued, we read the map together to make sure it made sense.  The students used the information on the tree make to write an elf story.
Here are some students writing their elf story.  They are using the tree map as a resource.  Look at the concentration!
Here are some of the elves with the story glued to the tummy.  Too cute!
All the kindergarten classes participated in our annual POLAR EXPRESS BREAKFAST on Friday.  Later in the day the children wrote about receiving the first gift of Christmas.
After the students completed their writing and illustrations, they made patterned gift wrap for their first gift of Christmas writing. 
 We added the completed project to our 
December Monthly Quilt.
Here a student's wish list.  I had these hanging up in the classroom for the parents to read during the POLAR EXPRESS BREAKFAST so they could make sure Santa knows the 3 things they wanted most for Christmas...although that could change by next week.
We turned the zero into Rudolph for our
Zero the Hero book page.  Each child had to add at least 3 holiday items.

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