Saturday, December 3, 2011


Take a look at what we will be working on in December!
Calendar Math is part of our morning work.

The students follow the pattern on the class calendar.  I forgot to take a picture but it will have red and green bells.  We also are writing the missing numbers.  One child noticed the odd numbers are missing!

The students tally the weather then at the end of the month they add up the tallies and write the total in the box.  Great practice for counting by 5's!

We add a cube for each day of the month.   The students write the number for the day and then circle if it is even or odd.
This month we are estimating presents.  The students estimate then we count and check.  They are encouraged to use math talk - more, less, odd, even, more than, less than, equal, etc.  We discussed if I add or subtracted.  How many did I add?  How many did I subtract?

The students are writing addition number sentences using the ten frame.  We practiced this skill during November and now it's their turn to write the number sentence on their own.

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