Saturday, October 22, 2011


We took a break from Halloween activities to enjoy some wild west fun!
The students made stick horses using a sock stuffed with plastic grocery bags.

We made cowboys and cowgirls.  We discovered that cowboy and cowgirl are compound words!
  The students made their cowboy and cowgirl talk.  Take a look at the red hot chili pepper boots.  They are symmetrical!  We made these boots after reading Jan Brett's Armadillo Rodeo.  Yeehaw!!!

The horses are taking a break to munch on some leaves.
We are off to enjoy more WILD WEST activities!

We labeled a cowboy.  I used my document camera.  We  named the parts of the cowboy and worked together using STRETCHY SNAKE  to hear the sounds in the words.

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  1. Do you have patterns for your cowboys and boots?