Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Take a peek at all the learning and fun we are having with 
We sing about Goofy Ghost.  He is goofy because he doesn't say, Boo!  This is a great phoneme substitution activity.

Haunted House patterns!

Triangle Witch activity using shapes and measuring.

Sorting bat adjectives and verbs.

We made Stellaluna!

We used our bat adjectives and verbs to write a Bat List Poem!

We compared bats and owls.

We made Purple People Eaters and rolled a die to create a number sentence.

How Many Ghosts?  We practiced counting on from ten using a ten-frame.  We used lima beans as ghosts!

We read, Go Away Big Green Monster and created blotto monsters of many colors.

Each monster is unique and adorable!

Halloween Syllable Sort

We made black cats then used adjectives to describe the cats.
This is a project we are still working on - Model Magic Owls.  The students can't wait to paint them!

We will work on a tree map together.

Here's the student recording sheet.

You can find most of these activities and more math, science, and literacy games in my CREATURES OF THE NIGHT UNIT.  It will be posted to my TN Store tomorrow.

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