Sunday, August 28, 2011


The school year started with THREE birthdays within the first week of school!!! Sooooo, I thought I'd share how we celebrate in the Froggy Friends classroom.

The birthday child completes an All About Me book at home and brings it to school on the day we celebrate.  The student reads the book to the class then it is put in the classroom library.  The book is taken home at the end of the year.
 The birthday child cuts out this birthday hat and badge.

 The students make a birthday page for the birthday child's Birthday Book.  In the beginning of the year I do the writing, but soon the students begin to write a phrase then sentences.  When the book is completed, I read it to the class at story time and the birthday child brings it home - so special.
 At lunch time we sing Happy Birthday and pass out the treats (cupcakes or cookies). The birthday child gets a birthday place setting for lunch.  (We eat in our class.)  You can see Birthday Bear. 
He sings a birthday song, too!
A Gift from Mrs. LeBlanc -
 The birthday child picks a book and a crazy straw to bring home.

This is the way we make the birthday child feel special on his special day.  We celebrate summer birthdays in May.

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