Sunday, August 21, 2011


So this was our first week back and it was pretty busy, but I have a "frog"tastic class!  Our first day of school is always a half day ending with an Ice Cream Frozen Yogurt Social.  Yummy!  Some activities the students participated in were making a name tag and a place mat for lunch time (we eat in our classroom).  Since we are the Froggy Friends Class the students color a frog book page for our first class book, Froggy Friends.

 We also started on our August Monthly quilt by making a circle frog.

Here are a few pockets we read together for shared reading. 
We started buttering "popcorn" words, too!

We are remembering our jobs in the morning.  Here's the job chart!
We are learning about our daily responsibilities in the classroom.  We discussed what it means to be responsible and how to be a FABULOUS FROG.  Here's our Fabulous Frog sign and our 

Here is the pocket chart that holds the individual student's responsibility cards.  If a student is having difficulties being responsible after I have reminded him, then the student will have to give me the appropriate responsibility card and accept the consequences of his actions.  The next day, first thing in the morning, the student and I will discuss what the problem was the previous day and how the student can solve the problem.  After our discussion, the student may return his/her card to the pocket chart for the new day. 


  1. I love these ideas- it doesn't hurt that I love froggies either!


  2. I'm so glad! Thanks for hopping by!