Saturday, July 23, 2011


Day 4 - Exciting Electricity and Magnet Madness
Lights Up!
Can you make a light bulb light up without turning a switch?

We learned that electricity needs a path or circuit to flow along.  Connecting a wire from each terminal on a battery to each terminal on a bulb holder will make a circuit and light the bulb.

Roll, Roll, Roll Your Can
Can you make a can roll using a balloon?

We discovered that when you rub the balloon through your hair, you create static electricity (a negative charge).  This “non-moving electricity” has the power to pull very light objects (with a positive charge) towards them.

Make an Electromagnet
Can you make a magnet using a battery?

We learned an electromagnet is a magnet that can be turned on and off.  These magnets run on electricity and are only magnetic when the electricity is flowing.  The electricity flowing through the wire arranges the molecules in the nail so that they are attracted to certain metals.

Make a Magnet

The children discovered that they could make a magnet by stroking a nail with a magnet.  They also discovered that more strokes to the magnet, the stronger the nail's magnetism.

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  1. I watched for your daily science camp post and enjoyed them very much. I was wondering where you got some of your ideas. Could you possibly give a post with your sources?