Saturday, September 8, 2012

Chicka Chicka FUN!

This week the students enjoyed a week of CHICKA CHICKA FUN!
The students painted CHICKA TREES added a AABB border pattern and then added coconut names.  We compared long names and short names.
Painting Chicka Trees!
Gluing letters on coconuts
Playing Coconut Sounds

Working on putting letters in ABC order.  This was quite a challenge!

Is the coconut left or right?

Counting Coconuts!
We sorted vowels and consonants!

We made a class book about our names!

We found the vowels and consonants in our names!

We substituted sounds to make new words!
 We used this equipment to report about our coconut.
WOW! A coconut floats!

 We completed our CHICKA FUN eating this!  The recipe can be found at Making Learning Fun.

We watched this video!

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