Tuesday, June 26, 2012


DAY 1:  Wedge

Station 1 - Journals
Each day the students will review the simple machine focus from the day before.  Since this is day one, the students worked on the cover of their journal.
Station 2 - Build a Boat
The students learned how the bow of a boat acts like a wedge in the water.

Hammering pegs.

Painting the boats.

Look at the boats go!

Station 3 - Toothpick Sculptures
The students discovered that the ends of toothpicks are wedges. 

The students built structures using toothpicks, gumdrops, and marshmallows.

Cooking - Cinnamon Toast
The students followed the directions to make cinnamon toast.

Spreading butter.

Sprinkling cinnamon-sugar.

Waiting for the toaster!

Guess what?!  A knife is a wedge!!!

DAY 2: Wheels & Gears

Station 1 - Journals
The students drew and labeled wedges. Some even wrote sentences! Woohoo!

Station 2 - Build a Car
How many wheels does a car have?  How many axles?

Will it roll?

Adding a roof.

Adding some finishing details.

Station 3 - Pinwheels
We discovered that a pinwheel is a wheel and axle!

Trying out the pinwheel using a fan, which is also a wheel and axle.


Cutting!  Scissors are simple machines, too!

 Cooking - Pudding
The students used an eggbeater (wheels & gears) to make pudding.

We followed directions.

Yucky, but soon to be yummy!

Taking turns to mix the pudding.

Making bubbles using an eggbeater!

Having fun with pulleys!

Marble fun!

Taking apart broken items.  Can it be fixed???


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