Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We had some "EGG"citing fun before SPRING BREAK!!!

We read plenty of books about beautiful Easter eggs.  The children were introduced to other words that could mean "beautiful".

The students chose another word for "beautiful" and wrote about their egg.

We wrote riddles about oviparous animals!

Here we are waiting our turn to drop our Humpty's.

We wrote about BEFORE and AFTER our Humpty Dumpty Egg Drop.

Rhyming Humpty Dumpty's sitting on a wall

The children picked an egg with a sound word inside.  The students used the sound words to make their mixed-up chick talk.


We discovered eggs!

We are soaking a raw and boiled egg in vinegar.  What will happen?!

Jelly Bean Math

Adding a dot pattern border to the egg carton label for the egg hunt.  Each student brings in a dozen eggs in a carton.  The children decorate the label for their carton.  At the egg hunt, each child finds a dozen eggs for their carton.
The students had fun asking 10 friends if they liked eggs?   The survey questions were completed by reading the data collected. 

Look at these cute bunny cupcakes!

Big basket of Cheeto carrots!

We followed directions to dye eggs.


  1. I LOVE the egg hatching oviparous riddle activity! Great idea! Very fun to read all of your great ideas! Your students must have so much fun in your class.


  2. Karen,
    Love the egg ideas!! Looks like you all had a blast. Will you be posting your files on TPT or here?