Friday, February 3, 2012


 We are just about finished learning about winter's wonders.  I apologize for the pictures.  I've been taking pictures with my iphone and sometimes they just won't rotate no matter what I do.  It's exasperating!  Does anyone else have this problem?!
We read and compared two versions of, The Mitten.
Look at our matching mittens!  We used these for retelling The Mitten.

The students wrote about what's in their mitten.

We played Marshmallow Fair Shares.

We learned about polar animals.  Here are the penguin pals we made.

Here are our cool polar bears. 

We did a blubber experiment!  The students took turns placing their hand in ice water.

Now the students put their hand in the ice water wearing a blubber mitt.

Here is the recording sheet for our experiment.

The students enjoyed playing with penguins and icebergs.

We made snow!

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